Sunday, June 26, 2016

We are all Beautiful

We are all beautiful. No matter what you think of yourself. Every time you compare yourself to others. You need to remind yourself you are beautiful, and made in the image of God. I am not saying to be "full of yourself" and think you are prettier or smarter than other. But not bring yourself down or compare yourself to others. You have to be secure in yourself or you will always have that depressed hole in your heart. Yes, we aren't perfect, but we still need to  think of ourselves as beautiful and a daughter of God who was chosen. Don't worry about your outward appearance (just a little) worry about the kind of person you are, your heart.
First of all, you shouldn't judge about the outward appearance of anyone PERIOD!, even if they are judging you hardcore. there is always some one to talk to (God) and he already knows.

God is always listening and even though He already knows what is going on in your live He is always there to give a listening ear.

If you have been thinking you aren't beautiful on the outside or the inside, or have been judging people because they have been judging you and have even been in tears because of them. Don't think you are a bad person because of this...CHANGE...if you think you need to change. Stop talking about it and DO IT!

I will be praying for all of you!

God Bless
Olivia <><

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