Sunday, December 18, 2016

What is a friend?

What is a friend? What really is a friend? A lot of people think friends have to have the same interests, get the same grades, share the same religion, of the same gender, and believe in the same values. Although this is all important, what really matters is if they make us happy, help us become better people, help us get past our insecurities and help us love who we are. I had a friend, who I thought was picture perfect, she seemed perfect, I saw us being friends forever. But, it's when you need them the most, you find out if they are really a true friend. I was always there for her, I was always going the extra mile to be there for her, but then when it got hard for me, or if I needed her, she was only there for me if it was convienent for her. It took a long time letting go. For some reason I didn't want to lose her, but she was always the one that made me cry. Isn't it funny how you have such a hard time letting go of someone who has hurt you the most? Finally, I let go of the past, and allowed God to bring the right friend to me. It's amazing how the friend that is meant for you, was right in frony of me, I never even saw him being the right friend. Shortly after we started hanging out and becoming better friends, we both went through similar trials in our lives. We were both having a hard time making friends and fitting into our different friends. Some people thought it was very strange that we were there for eachother, and encouraging eacherother. One day I asked one of them why they though that, and they answered, "because you are of opposite gender, and why would you be that close if you not dating?" The answer was simple, God wanted us to be friends, He knew we were going to go through similar trials in our lives, it really doesn't matter the gender, as long as you can lift eachother up, encouarge eachother, and just be there for eachother. God has a specific plan for everyone. I never expected one of my best friends to be a guy, but God's in control, and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Trust God, and He will reveal His plan to you. Even if you don't think it's the best, God will work it out, He know best, He knows every hair on our head, He knows our future, He just wants us to trust Him. 

Olivia <>< 

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